We'll Make Your Wedding A Blast!

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What's the #1 fear of brides &

grooms planning a wedding? 

Having a boring party

We can help you make your

Wedding fun & memorable!

Ready to have the best Wedding ever!?

Watch the video and find out why Zach, Nicole and

so many of our couples hear those words .

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The Top 6 Benefits You Get From an Interactive Wedding Entertainer?

An engaging M.C.

An experienced DJ

An event coordinator

A party motivator

A party starter

A dance instructor

Your Introductions Can Be...

Hilarious and Unexpected!

Watch as Nicole & Zach surprise their guests with these

wedding party roast Introductions at the Rustic Wedding Barn.

Video Credit: 111 Films

Avoid boring wedding party introductions.

Your Wedding Could Be...

One of Our The Top 5 Most Fun Dance Floors!


Countdown that reveals the energy

an interactive wedding entertainer brings you.


Photo Credit: Janique Tessier Photography

You Could Have The...

Most Unique First Dance!

Kelly & Lanie's first dance brought tears to everyone's eyes

(Grab a tissue)

Make it memorable.

Have you fallen in love with your song yet?

Your Father & Daughter Dance... Could Be Truly Personalized!

Lacey & Dad (Norm) had a dance that touched everyone at the Kenora Golf Club.

(*Warning: Tear Jerker)

Make it Unique.

6 Ways to Discover if...

An Interactive Wedding Entertainer is Right for You

You want a wedding that is smooth flowing and engaging for the guests.

You're not sure where to start when making a timeline and would value having some guidance.

You would love some unique ideas to help make your wedding memorable.

You want a a party that makes everyone (young & old) sing their hearts out.

You want more than "just music" you want an energetic & interactive dance floor that keeps going.

You want your wedding to set the bar.

We help you create a fun celebration.

What our customers say

How to work with us.

Step 2

Share your vision

Step 3

Have a fun celebration

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