Instead of Calling Around for DJ Prices, Here is What One Winnipeg Couple Did

To Leslie and Andrew, getting recommendations was an important part of the process.

Leslie and Andrew after their awesome Winnipeg wedding
Leslie and Andrew - Summer Bounce Entertainment

Leslie and Andrew recently got engaged and were in the process of planning their Wedding. All the excitement from friends and family had them thinking, “How do we have a great party that gets everyone talking?”

They knew they wanted a professional DJ / MC because they saw one at a friend’s wedding. So, they began to call around asking for prices. After a while, they were disappointed as they kept finding the same thing - a price with no idea what that included. It felt like a waste of time!

Leslie and Andrew decided to invest their time in doing their own research. First, they asked friends & family, then other wedding professionals. They got the good, the bad and the ugly. After that, they had a sense that they were on the right path after having heard the feedback from others who were either in the business or whom they would be entertaining. However, they didn’t stop there!!!

They narrowed it down to a couple of companies that gave them a good impression. They checked out the companies Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and other social media platforms to read the reviews. After that, they called and asked for meetings with those companies who seemed to be a close fit to what they were looking for.

Some DJ / MC’s shied away from a meeting with them and told them it wasn’t necessary, thus filtering themselves out. With their top 3 DJ / MC’s in mind, Leslie and Andrew decided to meet each company, one on one, asked them their questions and then decided which would be the best fit for their vision of how they wanted their Wedding to be.

In the end, they hired a DJ / MC who guided them through the planning, created a memorable party, had their family and friends fully engaged, and created memories that they still speak about today.

In the process of doing thorough research, they became more in touch with the picture of their wedding while gaining the insight on how to choose the best vendors for their wedding. This allowed them to have 100% confidence in who was going to make them look like celebrities on their wedding day while ensuring that all their family and friends would be attended to.

Now, if you’re like them and know that there’s more out there to making a party but your just not sure where to start or how to find out more about how you too can host a party that will make you feel like a celebrity DOWNLOAD OUR …. How to Hire a Wedding DJ / MC!

Leslie and Andrew had Summer Bounce Entertainment as their DJ / MC’s. We, at Summer Bounce Entertainment, help engaged couples like Leslie and Andrew avoid boring weddings, by showing them how to make it a personalized & fun event so that they feel like a celebrity on their wedding day. Request a phone call today and find out how we can help you feel like a celebrity!

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