What a Winnipeg Bride & Groom did to avoid guests leaving the party early

Bride & Groom at head table having fun
Carlie & Ezra Hackie - Summer Bounce Entertainment

We’ve all been there. That dreaded wedding, you know, the boring one where you sit through a long ceremony, the speeches with cheesy inside stories and the DJ that plays crappy music that forces you to leave early.

This was not the type of wedding this Winnipeg couple (Carlie & Ezra) wanted to host. Knowing that they were investing their time and money into their big day they were determined to find a way to avoid this situation, they decided to do some research. After looking on Facebook, Youtube & Instagram, they found that there are DJ / MC services out there that could help them prepare and avoid all the downfalls that typically lead to a short reception and bored wedding guests.

They learned it was important that their DJ / MC took the time to get to know them, their story and what they envisioned for their Wedding day. Not an easy task for those who don’t regularly plan weddings. They realized that this set’s the tone for the wedding day, and it was important to appoint someone who had the natural ability to perform and who was knowledgable in all of the nuances of a wedding. Someone who kept the focus on them and brought their vision to life.

After absorbing all this new information they started to piece together their vision more clearly and began reaching out to other DJ / MC Services across the province to explore their options and learn more about this style of entertainment versus leaving it to the typical non interactive DJ who may just give a price and leave you feeling anxious leading up to the wedding day.

In the end they hired a DJ / MC who made them feel like celebrities on their wedding day, who had their family and friends laughing and who didn’t want the party to end.

Here's a video from Carlie & Ezra Hackie

Now, if you’re like them and know that there’s more out there to making a party but your just not sure where to start or how to find out more about how you too can host a party that will make you feel like a celebrity CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR …. 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Wedding DJ / MC!

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