Wedding Show Burnout and How to Avoid It

You’re engaged and now you’re looking to attend the Wonderful Wedding Show in Winnipeg on March 12 & 13.

What most couples figure out, is they start the show with excitement in their eyes but by the time they’re done dragging around a bag that has now cut off the circulation to their arm, they can’t wait to get out of there. They avoid filtering through the brochure bag as it brings back stressful memories.

So why do we think these amazing wedding events can really make couples get burnt out and overwhelmed? We’ve narrowed down the top 5 reasons why and how to avoid it.

Summer Bounce Entertainment Booth Set Up At the Wonderful Wedding Show
Summer Bounce Entertainment's Booth at the 2020 Wonderful Wedding Show.

1. Realizing That You Don’t Have A Clue.

Wait! Before you get defensive, studies have shown that most couples have never been in a wedding party, been married, or been to a wedding show before, and if they have been at a wedding as a guest grabbing a pen and paper for note-taking, takes a back seat to drinks at the bar.

You got (or gave) a ring and before the shine is gone you need to get busy perusing & planning every detail you can. You hear the big wedding show is coming to town and off you go. You round up the girls/ boys, get your tickets, and enter a world you never even knew existed. At first, it's awesome, lots of questions to be asked, lots of samples to take, and lots of “I’ll think about it later”. Then after about an hour, you turn the corner only to realize you haven't even made it down the first aisle and you have 30 more to go!

You get asked questions that you respond to with “we haven’t gotten that far yet” or “we still have tons of time”, and by the time you’ve covered 2/3 rds of the showroom floor you look at each other and say “We got tons to look over, let's get out of here”. You get home drop the bag behind the door and 3 months later you drop it in the trash.

What to do about it?

A. Educate yourself - Do a little bit of research on the wedding show you want to attend so you can know how many wedding vendors will be there? i.e. Wedding Dresses, Wedding DJs, Wedding Photographers. How many “Other brides & grooms” are expected to attend? How much time will be needed to cover the entire wedding show floor? If you only have 1 hr to spare…. you’ll be in for a big surprise.

B. Come with an open mind - you’ll be going into an event which you’ve probably never been to before, seeing things you never thought was possible. These wedding vendors have put a lot of time and effort to look their best for you. take a little time to see what they have to offer.

Brides and Grooms at the Wonderful Wedding Show

2. You’re Not Prepared (Mentally Nor Physically)

Prepare to be asked more questions in a few hours than you've been asked in all of last year (no joke). In order to find out if they can help vendors at a wedding show need to ask questions, questions that you may have repeated the answers to 150 times already but, they’ve only just met you.

Questions are important but when they are the same over and over they get monotonous… and while you are standing there, your barely broken in beauties are starting to slowly boil because your winter boots that are meant to chill at -20 are now cooking your feet at + 40 and that heat makes you flustered and easily annoyed. Now let's pile on the fact that you’re either wearing your winter jacket or have it draped over your arm, either way, the weight is starting to get to you and you have, NOWHERE TO PUT IT DOWN (insert the scream !)

What to do about it?

A. Mentally prepare yourself to have fun - Block off your calendar for the day and evening, roll up your sleeves and let it all soak in, you’ll be happy you did. Prepare to be questioned and have some answers ready, it will let the wedding vendors know you’re there with a purpose. Be on the lookout for the wedding vendors with questions that make you really think, the questions that show they want to get to know you as a “person” before getting to know how much you think you want to spend. Those guys are the ones to spend time with.

B. Wear. Comfy. Shoes - This doesn't even begin to explain the shoe situation but wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe and you can handle standing in for hours. Leave the winter jacket in the car and wear a sweater, you’ll only be outside for the time it takes to run from the car to the building, that's it.

Food Samples

3. You’re Not Being Honest (with yourself & wedding vendors)

Not being fully honest makes you tired. Because you gotta keep retelling the story you made up so people aren’t too pushy or "salesy" you take on a mental weight that you have to carry the entire show. News flash! Wedding vendors are there to sell something and they paid quite a bit of money just to get a chance to talk to you. Be honest with them, they'll appreciate it.

If you're not in need of a cake decorator because auntie sue makes all the cakes in the family and yours will be free because she promised it to you when you were 5, then why are you tasting cake pops, asking questions, and collecting brochures? Unless you really are planning on buying extras there isn’t really a point to it and you’re spending more time in a vendor's booth that you could be using to find the right ones that fit.

Now here’s the kicker, after you made up a story; and told it to a bunch of the vendors you don’t want to contact you. what do you do when you don’t remember who you lied to and probably need to come clean? You won’t look trustworthy and run the risk of vendors saying NO to doing business with you (Yes, they have that right)

What to do about it?

Tell the truth - it will set you free. It's ok to say “hey can I have one ? They look delicious. I’m not in need of a cake decorator but man! yours look so amazing”, you just flattered them. They won’t say no.

Bride speaking with Summer Bounce Entertainment at the Wonderful Wedding Show
VIB speaking with Summer Bounce Entertainment

4. You Have No Follow-through.

So you’ve been walking the floor and your arm has become somewhat of a Frankenstein, the color is drained and it feels prickly. The bag of brochures is so heavy you have to keep switching arms and carrying it in the crease of your elbow instead of in your hand. Especially when you have more than one person collecting brochures the bag quickly becomes the place to dump the junk so your hands can be free to try that free wine sample or that cake pop ;)

What to do about it?

A. Have a plan - Follow through and expect to be followed up with by the wedding vendors who are serious about helping. Clear your schedule the week or 2 following the show, make contact, and set up meetings (not just phone calls, but actual in-person or virtual meetings) how else can you get a feel if you're a good fit?

B. Let it show! - If you like a particular wedding vendor at the show, or do you really connect with them? Let them know. The last thing you want to do is be modest and then end up losing them because someone else got in their calendar first. It doesn’t cost you anything to meet with vendors and you stand to gain everything.

5. You Have No Goal

What specifically do you hope to achieve from attending the wedding show? To see as many vendors as possible? To collect as many business cards as possible? That's not a goal, and you'll end up worse off because you have so much wedding stuff to look over and nothing or no one to relate it to. That's when you ask "which booth had the thing I liked again?" and spend the next 2 minutes hurting your brain, trying to remember a face in what was probably the largest crowd you’ve ever seen in your life.

What to do about it?

Set a goal - A goal might sound silly but an example could sound like this; We need to find 3 possible picks for a caterer, a DJ, and a Venue. Let’s work the floor and ignore anything that doesn’t fall into this category. If we finish and have extra time we can go back and stroll around or just go eat dinner. Picking a realistic number e.g. “ 3 “ will force you to think about what you really want and who can give it to you. Keeping the list short will do you a favour in the long run. Options are great, too many options are bad.

Wedding Shows or Expos are a great place to meet possible vendors that can bring to your wedding a level of professionalism and awe that you couldn’t do by yourself. A wedding show has 3 main purposes.

1. To bring all the vendors to one place to make shopping easy for wedding couples

2. To bring all the engaged couples to one place to make marketing easy for wedding professionals.

3. To inspire couples and vendors alike with wedding trends.

In order for all 3 to work well, you as an attendee at a wedding show need to look for wedding vendors who share your vision and are a good fit.

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