The Feud. How to have a fun Christmas party gameshow that gets your staff involved.

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Are you having trouble coming up with fun ideas for your office Christmas party or Corporate Holiday party?

We know it’s important to have ideas that are fun, engaging and gets everyone talking. Below we have a great idea that can make your work party stand out.

family fued gameshow
Bring the Fun to your Christmas Party with "The Fued"

When our friends at Wall Grain called us, they said, “We want Christmas party entertainment that will involve lots of our staff and still be family appropriate. What can you do?”

They were having their event at the St Boniface Golf Course in Winnipeg and they knew we did gameshows and wanted to see if we could fill their request. That’s when we suggested “The Feud”.

people laughing on family feud gameshow
"The Feud" is very similar to the popular gameshow "Family Fued"

This game show is similar to the popular Family Feud game show that has been on TV for decades (originally with Richard Dawson and now with the very funny Steve Harvey). First, we helped them put together creative ways to build their “families”, which were made up of co-workers, spouses and even entire departments. This made it more fun when they have to face-off with the other team, giving each contestant a chance to play “head of the family” throughout the competition.

It was important to help the planning committee figure out a solution to their past experiences. Usually, the group isn’t much of a dancing crowd and often appears bored after dinner before the prizes were drawn which would result in everyone making their way to the door at the first opportunity.

The night of the party, the interactive host was able to get the guests who weren’t playing on stage, hollering out answers and being involved in the game. Best of all, we selected questions that made sure the gameshow was 100% family-friendly, which was perfect for them as they had staff that was a bit more conservative.

the fued gameshow
"The Fued" is great to get anybody involved at your party

If you can picture your co-workers on stage and having a blast together, then this one may be for you. With a big screen for all to see the survey answers, big buzzers for the quick hands and music and sound effect to keep everyone engaged, it is sure to be a hit. See what other Christmas party ideas we have available

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