Must Have’s When Popping The Question

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Must have's When Popping The Question
If your thinking of getting down on one knee soon but don’t have a plan you have come to the right place!

We have put together a few planning tips for the perfect engagement followed by information to help you and your ‘Bride to be” plan a Wedding of your Dreams that will be sure to have everyone go through an array of emotion that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Find The Perfect Ring

Find out what she likes. This can be tricky but done successfully if planned out carefully.  Girls often dream and talk about the “perfect ring” together.  So if you do you research you are sure to find out some specifics.  Talk to her sister, her best friend or even a co-worker that you know you can trust to keep it a secret.  If she hasn’t already talked about the perfect ring to them they will be able to start a conversation that will lead to that.

Go Shopping.  If she is expecting you to be popping the question more likely than not she will hint at what she likes while shopping.  If not you can go by a jeweller and act as if you are buying your mom a gift for a birthday or Christmas and see what her eye gravitates to. The shape of diamond, the settings she likes, what kind of gold she prefers – all are important.  And if you want to take it a step further you can have a discussion with one of the employees, tell them your plan and they can help you out on that end.

Social Media. Look at your girls Pinterest and Instagram.  Girls create boards in Pinterest to save all of their likes and must-have’s to either buy or create.  If there is a ring on here you are on the right path, may even be the exact ring she wants.  She may have a couple so this is where you can look at the similarities and bring these pictures to a Winnipeg or Steinbach jeweller to help you come up with the best choice!

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