Jukebox Bingo - the game that has EVERYONE singing along!

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

people having fun playing jukebox bingo
Jukebox Bingo gets everyone involved and having fun

Planning a Christmas party for a variety of personalities comes with its challenges. How do we engage everyone? How do we avoid them showing up just for the food and then dashing?

CN had been looking for a source of entertainment for their upcoming staff Christmas Party that they were going to be having at the Delta Hotel in downtown Winnipeg. In their search they had been directed to us by Amazing Entertainment, a local Winnipeg company whom they had worked with in previous years.

After looking at what the planning committee from CN was searching for we knew immediately that Jukebox Bingo would be a hit with this group.

The committee wanted to make sure that the party would be fun, interactive and would cater to a crowd who may not be into dancing but whom loved to be in a space where they could have a good time with those they worked with.

CN wanted to avoid staff leaving early, they wanted the staff to be  an active part of the event and most importantly they wanted to avoid entertainment that would break up the engagement amongst staff and their coworkers during the event. Their goal was to bring their staff together!

After chatting with CN we suggested Jukebox Bingo would be a perfect fit for what they had envisioned. We know that music brings people together, that paired with familiarity (songs everyone knows) and a host who has the ability to connect with people would be a perfect fit.

We showed CN that we could help bring their staff together and increase the socialization at the tables by having a game with song selections that everyone knows and loves (and would most likely sing to), that handing out prizes and gifts could be done in fun, exciting and fair way and most importantly that our interactive MC would engage with the staff at their tables while playing.

After hearing and seeing how this could all come together CN decided to book Jukebox Bingo for their Christmas Party.

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