Confused how to Zoom AND do a virtual holiday party?

Technology is a key element for a virtual event! Remember, set up usually takes time for any event, but this set up is definitely way easier and quicker.

What to consider when it comes to the technical aspect and how we can help you:

1. Do you and your staff have access to a cell phone, tablet or computer?

  • Yes[ ]

  • No[ ]

2. Do your staff have access to internet/wifi?

  • Yes[ ]

  • No[ ]

3. Are you and your staff familiar with Zoom or Facebook Live? If not, we can show you how it's done - just ask us!

  • Yes[ ]

  • No[ ]

4. Testing out the app ahead of time with your staff will be beneficial to making a virtual event a success.

  • First, make sure everyone has downloaded zoom on their device.

  • Second, invite them to a zoom meeting (just a quick test meeting).

  • Third, inform them that you will be hosting an event on zoom.

Once you have booked your Virtual Holiday Trivia Party we will send you all the links to get you up and going. We are here for you right from the beginning!

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