How to plan Food 🥘 & Drinks 🥂 for your Virtual Holiday Trivia Party! 🥳

Food is our common ground, a universal experience that brings everyone together.

A team that eats together stays together!

Providing food and drinks for your staff is a great way to show appreciation outside of words.


Offering food during a virtual event is also a great way to help local economy and restaurants as well as maintaining company morale.

Decide on whether you want to order from 1 location for all your staff or whether you want to let your staff decided individually where they would like to order from.

If you decided to leave it up to your staff, providing a gift card ahead of time to each of your employees will allow them to choose what they want and add more if they decide.

If you decided on ordering from 1 location ask them about delivery (times and costs), holiday promotions and when to make your order. This is a great way to support local business’s while creating a networking opportunity.

Will you suggest your team eats during the event? on screen? or eats prior to the event start? Which ever you decide make sure to let everyone know the plan.

We have connected with some really great local business’ who will be holding promotions for companies who are having a Virtual Trivia Holiday Party. Reach out to us if this interests you and we can get you connected!


Have you had an open bar in the past? Or perhaps you supplied a bottle or 2 of wine at the dinner tables at your events. Here are some ideas for a virtual cheer:

Let's support local and help those closest to us keep their doors open. Reach out to any wine store (local if possible) and ask how they can bring the goods to your staff. If you need some suggestions for stores we can help you out!

Remember, private and local companies have the ability to work with a budget and provide a deal versus the big box stores. Who doesn’t like a deal?

Are you ready to make this years holiday event the best one yet? Dining in the comfort of home while sharing laughs during a game of Trivia never felt better!

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