How one couple went about hiring their Wedding DJ / MC

Updated: May 16, 2019

Better to be safe than sorry on your Wedding Day!

Couple looking lovingly at each other in bed
Cory had the perfect plan to propose to Michelle

Michelle and Cory had just gotten engaged on mother’s day, a day where Michelle was typically surprised with flowers or a home made gift from the children. This past mother’s day was different.

Cory had four different T-shirts made, one for each of their children. He woke up early and made breakfast for the kids to bring to Michelle in bed. Before sending the kids to the bedroom with breakfast Cory had each of them put on a t-shirt. The oldest child’s shirt read “Will” on the back of it, she brought out the coffee then returned to the kitchen. The second eldest child’s shirt read “You” on the back of it, he brought out the cutlery and napkins. The third child’s shirt read “Marry” on the back of it, he brought the plate of food. Finally, the youngest child’s shirt read “Daddy” on the back of it, she brought out flowers for Michelle and came back to the bedroom door. Cory then came in holding an engagement ring, Michelle’s eyes flooded with tears of joy and said “Yes” as Cory crawled into the bed with her to place the ring on her finger.

This moment between them and their children was so perfectly planned out that Michelle wanted to ensure the same time and investment Cory put into the proposal would be reflected on their wedding day.

Michelle and Cory wanted to avoid hiring an unprofessional DJ / MC. Someone who wasn’t professionally dressed, someone who used faulty equipment that could break down at any moment or equipment they weren’t familiar with, a DJ / MC who shows up just to play music and collect money at the end of the night. This to them would be a nightmare.

They decided to ask friends and family about possible DJ / MC’s that may be a good fit for their wedding. When asking around they realized that what they valued may be different than what those they were asking valued. This led them to ask questions on social media about hiring DJ / MC’s for a wedding.

Once the question was presented on social media they began to receive a flood of responses, responses from other engaged couples to DJ companies all over and other wedding vendors. In reading what everyone had to say they realized that they needed to be asking the DJ / MC’s they had in mind the right questions that would get them what they wanted for their wedding day.

Michelle and Cory decided to start meeting with the DJ / MC companies they were interested in to ask the questions that were relative to what their end goal was: a fun, energetic party that would have all of their friends and family involved, having a memorable time at their wedding.

In their meetings they asked the following questions:

1. “What UNIQUE and FUN ideas do you have for Weddings? - Asking for ideas right up front is good. If the DJ / MC doesn’t have any ideas, that means they aren’t there to entertain. They are there to play music and collect money. Experienced DJ’s have gone through a variety of different weddings and have seen where there is room for creativity and how they can add to it when they are working at a Wedding.

2. “What will happen if your equipment breaks down?” - This can be a very costly and awkward moment on the day of your wedding. Having a DJ who is organized and has planned for moments such as these can save your wedding or at least distract the guests.

3. “How will you dress at my event?” - Your wedding DJ / MC is the spokesperson and point of reference at your wedding. They will be the only contact between your guests and what goes on at the wedding. A Professional DJ will be dressed as well as or better than your guests, they will treat your Wedding day as if it was their own. What your DJ looks like presents a visual image to your family and guests of what you want to put forward on your wedding day.

After having a number of meetings with a few DJ / MC’s Michelle and Cory decided to hire a company who had provided them with the reassurance that they were able to provide the type of entertainment they wanted with the level of professionalism expected.

The company did this by showing Michelle and Cory examples of fun and unique ideas they had executed at previous weddings they worked, they shared their standards of professionalism with them by sharing videos and photos of events that demonstrated this, they also shared with Michelle and Cory that they owned their own equipment and had back up equipment with a plan in place for every event should something arise.

Now these are only a few questions that should be on your list of things to ask your DJ / MC before hiring them. If you would like to dig a little deeper to find out more CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR …. 3 steps to finding the perfect wedding DJ / MC!

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