3 things one couple did to create their fantasy wedding.

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The Darlene & Jethro Venus Story

It was in drama class in January when everyone was told to find a partner, Jethro decided to approach this one girl that he thought was kinda pretty and cute, poked her on the shoulder, and said “partner”? This was just the beginning of what was to come. A few short years later Darlene found herself engaged to a man who she could be silly with, who was respectful and was absolutely perfect to her.

Darlene and Jethro knew they wanted a wedding that was different from most and wanted their big day to reflect their personalities. They knew this was not going to be an easy task as they both had such diverse interests. They faced challenges of “How to” . . .

- How do we ensure that our guests will get involved in what we have planned for them?

- How will our guests know that the plan is to stay all night and party hard? (especially with a conservative crowed like ours)

- How do we deliver our ideas in a way that will have our guests walking away reminiscing about them in a positive light?

- How do we make sure our guests are having fun?

After reflecting with friends and family on events that they had attended or heard of, they decided to reach out to Summer Bounce Entertainment for some insights and answers. Darlene’s mom, Aaren, had attended a few previous events and felt that Summer Bounce Entertainment would be able to achieve Darlene and Jethro’s dream wedding as she had previously seen them demonstrate their ability to be unique and outside the box.

Here is how Jethro and Darlene achieved their vision for their big day:

#1 - They found someone who understood their vision, and had what it took to execute it.

Darlene and Jethro set out to meet with Summer Bounce Entertainment before committing to their services. They had many questions that needed answers and weren’t prepared to commit to anyone until they felt confident in them. Starting with a consultation was key and that’s exactly what Summer Bounce Entertainment did to ensure they had a clear understanding of what Darlene and Jethro were looking for. Summer Bounce Entertainment wanted to first understand the vision.

During the meeting it was evident that personality and charisma were very important attributes that Darlene and Jethro valued in the individual they were going to hire to be their Wedding DJ / MC. They wanted someone who would be able to relate to their family and friends, someone who was tactful, someone who would be encouraging as well as engaging and someone they could trust to make the first move in getting things going. Most importantly they wanted someone who understood and valued their vision and had the confidence in their ability to make it come to life. The same is important when finding a photographer, after some research they hired CS photos to capture the memories of their day as this was important to them as well.

#2 They asked for examples of what their wedding could look like.

After they had a meeting and felt that the professionals had a clear understanding of what their vision was it was time for Summer Bounce Entertainment to show Darlene and Jethro how they were going to bring the vision to life.

How was this going to be done? Well, knowledgable DJ’s always have ideas and experiences to share in the form of online videos, frequent social media posts or blogs that demonstrate their experience, abilities and showcase their skill level. Summer Bounce Entertainment was happy to provide all of the above along with other examples from their portfolio of clients. They were able to reference to past events that had similar interests to provide examples of how they could make things happen.

These are all important things to look at and keep in mind when planning your wedding!

#3 They listened and observed to what the DJ / MC had to say and could provide as proof of their abilities.

A Professional Wedding DJ / MC will be attentive and creative, they will be excited to hear about your wedding vision, curious about the look & feel of the surroundings and interested about how the evening will progress and what your expectations are. They will want to know all the details so that they can ensure that they can do their job and exceed your expectations!

After understanding Darlene and Jethro’s desires Summer Bounce Entertainment was able to show them the process of taking their ideas, personalizing them while keeping the guests involved and how they could help bring them to life. This is exactly what Darlene and Jethro were looking for.

Want to learn more on how to find the perfect DJ / MC for YOUR Wedding? Download … How to Find the Perfect Wedding DJ/MC.

We want to give a big shout out to CS Photos for being so great to work with and for providing us with some amazing pictures from the wedding. Check out her website here.

The Wedding Ceremony & reception were held at the Metropolitan Theatre

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