Customize your Virtual Holiday Party and end the season with the trophy 🏆

500 game points in trivia at the virtual holiday party which is virtually simple! 🏆

playing an online game with friends on zoom

Did you make it past 500 points in our Virtual Trivia Game? if not, click and enter the code: DEMOVH (Do this now)

Virtual Holiday Parties are CUSTOMIZABLE!

(in more ways than 1)

Here’s how you can customize your virtual Trivia Party:

✅ Include questions related to your workplace and peers: product pricing, name of items (after all, you are the pros)

✅ Add pictures & video clips of your team or workplace to build up the excitement (make it your own!)

✅ Bring the company inside jokes to life by adding it to the game of guessing “who said this” (speed is key)

Voila! You are on your way to a holiday party that will keep you connected to your team while creating memories to look back on.

2020 has been a year of unpredictability. But not anymore. End your year with a BANG and be prepared to watch your team come together stronger than ever!

Let’s save the Holidays!!!

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