Winnipeg Couple Tells All About What They Want in a Wedding DJ

Winnipeg couple photoshoot
Mel and Glen at their Amazing Wedding

Picture this: The dance floor is full, grandpa is in the middle of the dance floor dancing, face lit up with the biggest smile. The crowd is clapping to the music. For some, it’s the first time they have seen him out on a dance floor. The Bride is glowing, taking in this moment that may not have otherwise been possible.

Melanie and Glen had a vision for their wedding. They imagined a packed dance floor with family and friends laughing and creating memories to last a lifetime. But with this vision came the challenge to find who could provide what they pictured. They wanted to avoid DJ’s that were unprofessional, didn’t take requests, ended parties early, got drunk and didn’t make the bride and groom's vision a priority.

Melanie and Glen reflected on a friend’s wedding that had a DJ / MC. They recognized that it was the DJ / MC who guided the day, interacted with the guests and kept the day flowing. This is exactly what they wanted! They went online and searched the Winnipeg and Steinbach areas.

Many companies just handed out a price. It was difficult to find a company who would make time to go over their vision, allow Melanie and Glen to ask questions, meet the actual DJ they would have hosting their wedding and create a plan for how their wedding day would look. They went back to some friends who had hired a DJ / MC service and asked how their experience was. They decided to give the company a call and scheduled a time to meet.

To this day, Melanie still feels making that call was the best thing they ever did! They were able to ensure that their day would come to fruition with confidence and ease. They knew that the company they hired had taken the time to meet with them, looked over their vision for their wedding, provided ideas and worked through all the nuances of their wedding.

Not everyone will share the same vision, but most of us share the same desire to host an event that has all of our guests leaving feeling happy, involved and having had a great time. If you too want to have the confidence that Melanie and Glen had in knowing and experiencing this download the How to Find the Perfect Wedding DJ/MC!

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