JeParody. How to make your Christmas party an exciting game show.

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Christmas party ideas aren’t always easy to come by, and sometimes the idea’s take a lot of work and preparation only for them to be flop, not a great feeling when you spent all year planning it

We can help you make your Holiday party stand out and be the talk about the office for the next 365 days. Read on, Christmas party planner, read on.

JeParody questions board
JeParody: The Jeopardy game for your Christmas Party

A few years ago we got a call from VIA Rail, the well-know Canadian railway transport company. Their Winnipeg office was having a party at the Khartum Shriners hall on Wilkes Ave in Winnipeg.

They wanted an activity for their Christmas party where the staff would enjoy watching and if anyone wanted to join in then they could. Something with no pressure, just in case there wasn’t tons of staff interested.

“What can we do that will be fun to watch but doesn’t force everyone to play?”

We’ve had calls like this before and instantly suggested our “Je-parody” version of the long time TV trivia gameshow Jeopardy. Instead of the classic 3 players at a time we created 4 teams each with 2 persons which allowed 8 players at a time. Then we made it a tournament which allowed for more teams to play shorter games through the night. This would keep the players who enjoyed the gameshow going up against each other and the audience watching.

jeparody gameshow booth
JeParody can be customized for as many people as you want

Once the party planning committee were able to visualize this, we recommended they spread the word to their staff, allowing the most excited ones to signup in advance while the rest would watch their co-worker have a battle of the brains and eventually opt in to play at the Christmas party.

This event was especially successful because we were able to customize the gameshow to include questions about the staff and the company. It was great to see their reactions when they knew the answers were on the tip of their tongues but they just couldn’t get it out. The buzzers added the extra element of speed and the big screen kept all the audiences engaged and yelling out answers (correct AND incorrect).

If you want to see your staff get excited about being on a real gameshow just like the one they’ve come to love, then Je-parody is perfect for you.

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