Spin-To-Win. How to get your Christmas Party talked about all year.

Christmas parties for your staff are a great way to show them you appreciate their hard work. This game show for your Holiday party could put you over the top for being memorable.

spinning wheel with prizes
Spin to Win is very similar to the popular game "Wheel of Fortune"

One year the Assiniboia Downs called us to provide entertainment for their staff Christmas party. They were planning something very casual, and in the past, there were activities that just didn’t seem to connect with the staff who were hard-working folks that liked to get their hands dirty and weren’t especially interested in being dressed up all fancy.

They wanted something that everyone knew and could easily get involved with. In the past, we had done casual Christmas parties and Spin to Win (which is similar to the popular Wheel of Fortune) seemed like a perfect fit.

This event would stand out because the most unique thing at a race track is the names given to the horses, so, in addition to the normal word puzzles, we could create custom puzzles about Winnipeg, Christmas, The Assiniboia Downs, the popular horses on the track, names of Jokey’s and even the stables that were associated with the race track.

Christmas party spin to win is a Winnipeg favourite

Once it made sense to them, it was easy to decide on booking our Spin to Win gameshow, which ended up being a great fit with their party theme. They managed to have Christmas party entertainment that was casual enough for the bunch of hard working cowboys and jockeys but still fun. And none of their guests felt out of place as the entire gameshow was customized around the kind of work they did at the track which really brought the whole night together.

Do you or your staff love word puzzles? How about puzzles that are customized to your organization? Spin to Win might be a great fit for you. Sounds effects coupled with the missing vowels make for a fun time as contests and audience alike are always just a few letters away from winning a prize.

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