Benefits of Hiring A Professional DJ For Your Wedding Ceremony

Hiring a DJ for your wedding ceremony can be an easy decision to make, especially if you’re not planning to have a band or string quartet. A DJ will take care of all the technical details so that your wedding runs smoothly with just the right music at just the right time. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a DJ for your wedding ceremony

Smooth & Seamless Transitions

The DJ should be able to transition from one song to another smoothly, so you won't have to worry about a moment of awkward silence or an abrupt start-stop. A professional DJ will know how long each song plays and how much time should be left before the next one begins. They will also know when during the ceremony any music should be played, such as during the signing of the registry, and will be able to bring the music in, and fade out if needed.

Optimal speaker & microphone positions

The most important part of any wedding ceremony is the vows. You want your guests to hear every word and feel the emotion in the room. It’s not just about the couple getting married - it’s about everyone else who came out to support them on this special day.

To ensure that everyone can hear your officiant, and you say “I do”, a good DJ will be able to place the speakers in an optimal location, where your guests will be able to hear everything clearly, at an appropriate volume level, and keep the speakers out of your ceremony photos.

A DJ will also know the best microphones to use for the officiant and for the couple. An outdoor wedding requires a different mic set up than an indoor ceremony, and certain elements such as wind, and moisture in the air can affect the sound quality. A good DJ will be able to identify these and be able to optimize the sound for the atmosphere.

Music Selection

When picking the music for your ceremony, you should choose a combination of songs that are appropriate for the occasion itself and also appropriate for your audience. Your DJ will be able to help you select songs for the time between guests' arrival and the start of the processional. They will be able to give you advice as to how many songs you need to have for the ceremony, such as the processional, signing of the registry, and recessional.

Audio Quality

As part of their training, DJs also know how to minimize background noise by using a wireless microphone or using a directional mic so it only picks up a voice. This way you can be sure there won’t be any unwanted sounds coming through over the speakers during your wedding ceremony or reception.

Depending on the DJ you choose, they will have the right equipment that a videographer can connect a recording device to, and get the best quality audio of your vows for the video they create of your big day.

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