Are speeches still boring if they’re virtual?

To win the marketplace you must first win the workplace - Doug Conant

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Creating an environment of greater morale, loyalty and growth takes action and a genuine interest in the people you have on your team.

Here are a few things to consider when planning on how to incorporate speeches, awards and gifts during your Virtual Holiday Trivia Party:


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  • Prepare: Decide on who is making a speech, how much time they will need and whether it is something that can be delivered differently. Ask yourself, “Is this a one time event for the year? Is this a casual event?” Remember that speeches take time.

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  • Win over the group: Get their attention immediately by getting them to want to know more! This can be done throughout the event using transitional elements such as slides between each game set or commercial like videos that are personalized to your company. Ask us about how this can be done, we’d be happy to share more with you!

  • Motivate your team: Does your team share your passion? Do they seem inspired? What better way to motivate your team while sharing knowledge than by bringing them together by playing personalized games that will have them guessing, learning and competing with each other while having fun.

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  • Inform them: We can put information that you want to share with the team in the game to help it come across in a casual and effective format. For example: Game of Trivia - Question: What new markets did we generate 1.5 million dollars in last year? Answer: Virtual Holiday Parties! OR we can share a video slide show on your behalf during the event.

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Remember what you want to achieve during this event, goal setting is key!

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