Are gift exchanges going to be a problem this virtual holiday season?!

Give the gift that counts this season, connection!

Using this opportunity to show each other appreciation is a great way to keep connected and build stronger relationships within the workplace. I’m sure we’ve all learned a little bit more about each other in the past few months.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning out a gift exchange with your team:

Keep it simple

If this is a tradition you have done in the past you have probably already come up with a system. However, 2020 may have thrown a wrench into how that exchange can come about. Not to worry, we have some ideas. (Just ask us)

Shared or private experience

Will you be exchanging gifts during the event or privately? Secret Santa’s often come about here. Perhaps traditionally your company goes out and purchases prizes or gifts to be won and then staff pull tickets for them? If so, we have a fun idea in store for you that will keep your staff engaged while trying to win!

Mail out gifts

Having your staff or yourself mail out the gifts ahead of time with the return address as the office address is one way of keeping everyone engaged and feeling valued. Who doesn’t like receiving gifts in the mail??

Come up with a plan

Let the creativity flow! Anything from randomly drawing a name throughout the event, waiting until the end of the event for everyone to open gifts together, OR a game of deal or no deal prize draw are just a few ideas to start.

We encourage you to have prizes available to staff during the event as this can be a driving force in the competition, especially if your staff are more relaxed.

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