Need high energy games for your Christmas Party? 60 Second Challenge is for you.

Do you have energetic co-workers? Are you looking for an idea to make your Christmas or Holiday party engaging? Find out how a Dental office used a game show to create an evening of excitement for their staff.

game ideas similar to minute to win it
60 Second Challenge is similar to the popular game show "Minute to Win-it"

Hanover Dental is a dental practice in Steinbach and they called looking for a Christmas party idea, something that would engage their staff and be fun and interesting.

In the past, they had simple dinners and gift exchanges, but this year they wanted something active. We instantly suggested the 60 Second Challenge and this got them excited.

In planning their game here are three things we used to help guide the game show design:

Create familiar challenges - Using their industry as a guide, we created challenges that transformed routine work items into handy tools for time-sensitive challenges.

Alter for team play - Instead of the one player format, we created a fun way to involve two to three teams that included two to four players each.

Create a big reveal - We opted to keep the game show a secret, and so during the evening we hinted to the guests what to expect and also gave them a chance to guess but all the while being cryptic.

In one game show evening, Hanover Dental was able to get their staff active and involved making the party the talk of the office for at least the next 12 months.

If you want a game that's physical and fun for your team, the 60 Second Challenge is the way to go. 

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