6 Must Know’s When Hiring a DJ

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Bride & Groom having a first dance - Summer Bounce Entertainment
Bride & Groom having a first dance - Summer Bounce Entertainment

Comparing DJ’s is easy when you KNOW what to look for.

Experience, knowledge, training, creativity and personalities all play a big part in defining a DJ / MC’s skill set and how they can help you to look good on your wedding day. A regular DJ can adapt to fit most events, while a great DJ will specialize in 2 or 3 kinds of events. A professional DJ / MC will know these differences and will make you aware of them to help you get the wedding you want.

Here is a list of different types of DJ’s that you will come across in your DJ Search:

1. The BACKGROUND DJ: This is the DJ you see at a local restaurant or pub. Sometimes they are just a friend of the establishment (they may or may not own their own equipment) and sometimes they are hired but either way this DJ isn’t a focal point and for that reason they play mostly for themselves and what they want to hear. Think Winnipeg Lounges.

2. The OUTDOOR EVENT DJ: Fairs and festivals are this DJ’s playground. The music is loud and the DJ is focused on creating an exciting & sensory overloaded atmosphere at an outdoor event. Think Red River Exhibition in Winnipeg.

3. The Club DJ: This type of DJ mostly plays one style of music. They don’t stray from the selected genre and are great at mixing music. If you enjoy going to night clubs then you’ll be use to the Club DJ and enjoy their style. They don’t take requests and their boss is the night club. Think one of the clubs downtown in Winnipeg's exchange district.

4. The WEDDING DJ: This type of DJ is the jack of all trades, plays a variety of music and is familiar with social events. A popular place to be seen is of course wedding receptions and pre-wedding socials.

5. The Interactive DJ: This type of DJ is familiar with getting people dancing. They focus on energy & enthusiasm, always looking to fill the dance floor and keep guests happy by playing requests and getting involved on the dance floor. They strive to make your party exiting and full of energy.

6. The Professional DJ / MC: This DJ specializes in wedding receptions, social functions and corporate events. They sound polished on the microphone, have vast music knowledge, is very charismatic and really know how to entertain and keep a crowd involved in whats going on. Their goal is to make you look like a celebrity.

Now that you know all the types of DJ’s it's important for you to figure out what the benefits and downfalls of each are before deciding on hiring one for your wedding.

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