5 Ways To Plan A Corporate Party Everyone Will Love

For companies and their employees, corporate parties serve a unique purpose. The setting reminds them of their purpose, and that work doesn't have to always be about work: it is a place where they can find meaning and social connections, improve relationships in the workplace and straighten team cohesion.

Choosing the right entertainment and activities for your company’s party can make it memorable for all the right reasons. Here is a list of 5 ways you can plan a corporate party everyone will love.

1. TV Game Shows

It takes a lot of effort to throw a corporate event or party, so you want your guests to have a memorable experience that will benefit your company in the future. Summer Bounce Entertainment has a wide range of games based on popular TV shows like Family Feud, Beat The Clock, Jeopardy, and more. You supply the guests, and we'll make sure you have a great time!

2. Jukebox Bingo

With Jukebox Bingo, a classic game gets a new twist! A song is played to the audience without being named, and the audience guesses the name to determine if it matches the songs they have on their bingo card.

We at Summer Bounce Entertainment offer a large selection of music categories from the 50s to the Top 40s.

Jukebox Bingo encourages teamwork and brings staff together while developing their creative thinking skills.

3. High-energy interactive DJ

Hire professional DJs to engage guests and keep the dance floor packed at your corporate party!

DJs at Summer Bounce Entertainment are professional, reliable, and talented and always deliver an amazing party to our guests.

Each DJ has extensive experience and knowledge in all types of parties and receptions. We have a large music library with the latest and greatest tunes – and we are always happy to play requests!

4. Interactive Attraction Rentals

Summer Bounce Entertainment also offers a Cash Cube for your corporate party! Guests go inside the cube where money flies around that they have to catch. Whoever catches the most money wins!

Our Prize Safe is another interactive attraction for your party. It is a clear, Plexiglas safe with prizes for your guests to win! With a 4-digit and 6-digit code, there are thousands of combinations to try!

Click HERE to check out our other interactive attractions.

5. Virtual Game Night

Virtual Game Night is a way to make a virtual corporate party successful and not make it feel like work!

In a fun, social setting, Virtual Game Night lets you connect with your remote colleagues, clients, and employees regardless of their physical location! It’s a chance to have some friendly competition in an environment where you can get to know each other better by sharing your wins, losses, and high scores, exchanging ideas, and building trust in the process.

Our virtual activities can be crucial in highlighting the organization's culture, caring nature, and bringing its people together.

Are you ready to plan your company’s highlight of the year? Contact Us now to get more information, pricing, and more.

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