Quick steps to having a Virtual Holiday Party! Step 1 - 2🎄

5 Steps to a Virtual Holiday Party

If you're like most companies, you're probably feeling uncertain and at a loss for “how to or whether to” hold a holiday party for those hard working staff members & teammates of yours. You are NOT alone in that!

We have come up with a solution that will help you invest in your team and the future of your company,

Virtual Holiday Party!

Keeping connected is an integral part of running a successful team!

What you need to host a Virtual Holiday Party in 5 simple steps:

1. Pick a Date: Unlike every other year, you have the ability to pick any time of any day! Choosing the time can be less stressful this year. What to consider:

  • Is it a family-friendly event?

  • Will there be cocktails involved? If so, will your staff need time to recover *wink, wink*

  • Are you planning on including a gift exchange, food, awards? If so, planning the delivery of this ahead of time is important. (We touch more on this in the next blog, not to worry!)

2. Decide if you will have speeches, online gift exchange, company awards: why is this important you might ask? Great question!

  • Speeches…. some dread this aspect while others look forward to it, we will show you how to ensure everyone can enjoy it. This is a great opportunity for any company to praise their team for the hard work and success that came through during the year.

  • Awards…. now who DOESN’T enjoy being presented with an award?? This is a great way to keep your staff motivated and working towards some of those goals you aim to reach every year!

  • Gift Exchange…. does your company take part in the “Secret Santa” tradition? They are your work family after all, what better way than to have a little fun in the office during the season!

The possibilities are limitless, you just gotta reach out for them. Now, if this is something that you can see your company benefiting from don’t wait… give us a call so that we can help you to get set up for an event to remember!

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