4 Things Winnipeg Same Sex Couples did to Dodge a Disappointing Wedding.

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Winnipeg Same Sex couples who wanted to avoid the boring choppy wedding they feared share their own vision and version of fun.

Same sex couple wedding reception
Liz and Jess at their wedding reception.

Liz & Jess got married in 2016 and Keli & Lanie got married in 2013. Even though their weddings were 3 years apart they were worried about the same thing.

They wanted to avoid the boring, choppy wedding with the bad music. They didn’t want the uncomfortable, unoriginal, uninteresting wedding. Deep down they knew they shouldn’t have a wedding that made them look amateur on their wedding day, which often happens because wedding couples settle for bad DJ's who are unprofessional, incompetent and offer nothing more than being a human iPod.

Both couples searched for someone who could guide them through creating a fun and original wedding. They received personal recommendations from friends, as well as experiencing our services. After a discovery meeting with us they appreciated that we had a good picture of their visions which was:

-Make sure the wedding is a reminder of them.

-All fun ideas were based on what the couples enjoyed so they could be involved.

-Being sure to engage the guests and get them involved all night.

After months and months of timeline prep meetings, reviews, countless emails, phone calls, texts and two truly unique weddings here are 4 distinct ideas that we helped them plan:

“Leave it all on the field” Ceremony: Liz & Jess met due to their mutual love of Rugby, they spent lots of time on the field at Maple Grove Rugby Park and decided to incorporate this in their big day. Like many couples they got married outside, but they were surrounded by their family, friends & the memories of them playing together on this very field. Now, they were exchanging vows on it. We gladly helped make it possible by providing all the music, microphones, timeline planning and direction they needed to enjoy their wedding ceremony while they “left it all on the field”.

Kissing Game & Team work: Liz & Jess had a kissing menu that had certain activities that the guests had to do to get them to kiss. The menu (see pic below) had the usual stuff and then one really standout item: A Rugby “line out lift”. They loved rugby, but they also wanted to give their guests a chance to either engage or watch something unusual happen. When the rowdy friends got the chance, they cleared some space and enacted a "line out lift” that involved 3 people at a time and not very much ceiling room. It was a hilarious and a very engaging “Team Kissing Game”.

Personalized Song Voice Over: Keli & Lanie - our 2013 couple wanted to share their first dance in a way that was original and breathtaking. They wanted something memorable and so personalized that there could never be one just like it. Privately, we helped them record a message from each to the other and the final version was their own version of the song “Kiss Me” with their spoken words sprinkled through out. There were many tears. It was personalized. Listen to it here.

Same Sex Couple's Wedding Dance
Keli and Lanie's Wedding

The Rugby Toss: Since there was no “traditional” bouquet or garter tosses, would they just skip this portion? Not for Liz & Jess, they wanted to have fun and so together we created the Rugby toss. Outside the rugby park club house, these brides did a massive toss with a garter around a rugby ball. For 5 whole minutes everyone went into beast mode and became instant rugby players.

All these things were possible because they worked with a company that helped them with planning, preparation, creation of a personalized experience and of course an Interactive Dance Party that centred around their vision for both Winnipeg same sex wedding couples.

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