4 Simple Ways to Get Your Guests Involved At Your Wedding Reception!

The groom living it up on the dance floor! Photo by Megan Steen Photography

If you have a mixed group of guests invited to your wedding, you are probably wondering, “How can we make sure everyone has a good time?”. Keeping everyone in a large group happy can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be!

Here are a few simple ways you can ensure all your guests have a great time at your wedding!


A fun way to get your guests involved and be entertained at your wedding reception is to have games.

Instead of the traditional “clinking of the glasses” to get the couple to kiss during the dinner, you can create a kissing game to suit your passions/hobbies as a couple. Ex: If you are really into sports, you can set up a hockey net and in the corners put a target that says “kiss” if they are able to hit the target the bride and groom kiss.

Another fun kissing game if the couple is into games is to make scrabble tiles out of paper (or the real tiles) and give each table a chance to make as many words as they can in 1 minute.

If you choose to do the “shoe game” at your wedding, consider adding in other couples. It is always fun to see how the answers are different. Choose a couple that has been married for a long time, the newlyweds, and an engaged or dating couple. Or you could choose to do the game with both sets of parents or even grandparents.

Interactive DJ/MC Aaron and guests spinning the kissing wheel. Photo by Megan Steen Photography


If you are doing photos between the ceremony and reception, you can have a slideshow on loop during cocktail hour. Include photos with as many guests as possible, it creates an opportunity for people to open up and talk about how you are related to the bride and groom, and it makes your guests feel special and important.

Have Options

Not everyone on your guest list will be into drinking and dancing. So what can you do to ensure they have a good time at your wedding? Include options for activities. Many people choose to have their wedding at a venue with a fire pit area where guests can gather, visit and make smores as a late-night snack.

You can also create a kid's table/area if you have young ones on the guest list. Include things like coloring, stickers, bubbles, puzzles, and board games.

A photo booth is another fun feature to include that your guests can enjoy, it can also double up as your wedding favors, and guest book so you can treasure the memories forever.

Guests playing outdoor games at Madeleine & Katie's wedding. Photo by Two Mann Studios

Hire a high-energy Interactive DJ/MC

A good DJ plays music that gets your guests dancing. A great DJ keeps your guests dancing and having fun all night! If you have a guest list that likes to party, hire an interactive DJ/MC. They will get your guests involved, be able to read the crowd and play the music that gets guests of all ages dancing and create life long-lasting memories. Your Interactive DJ/MC will also be able to help you with finding fun and unique ways to involve your guests in your special day.

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