4 Different Wedding Styles Your Wedding DJ / MC Can Help with

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

there are many different styles of weddings and we've covered 4 in the blog
there are many different styles of weddings and we've covered 4 in the blog

Will the DJ Fit Your Vision?

Finding a great Wedding DJ that will accommodate your ideas is important. You need someone that won’t treat your wedding like “just another gig” and prove they can make your wedding FUN instead of being a human iPod. To do this you need to

start with creating your VISION!

What Styles of Parties are there?

1. The Traditional Wedding Reception: (Upbeat, energetic). Bar is open and the dance floor is rocking for a party that lasts all night! This usually begins with a cocktail hour where the guests arrive at the venue while the wedding party is out taking photos with their wedding photographer. Guests are then invited to take their seats for dinner. Than there is a Grand Entrance of the “Newlyweds”: the couple is typically introduced to the guests as they come in. Some couples have a first dance while others do not, this is up to you. Once the couple is seated the Wedding DJ / MC begins the welcome toasts and guides your guests to how dinner will be served.

2. The Cocktail Wedding Reception: (Low key, chill and relax). Keeps things festive without the formality of a traditional structured reception. No sit down dinner, but may be a set in a garden or museum. Guests will mingle and mix for a period of time and then there is maybe 1 toast or a few kinds words and then back to mingling while appetizers are passed around.

3. The Dessert Wedding Reception: (Casual, come as you are, be yourself). Speeches, dancing & mingling later in the evening. Timing and transitions are not structured. This kind of wedding is generally centered around sweets and fun, upbeat energy but not a full out wedding reception party.

4. The Dinner Wedding Reception: (Formal, scripted and proper.). Personalized and structured. Family style event that caters to the guests, family and couple. Has an open bar and keeps the party going on all night. The Wedding DJ / MC will play conversation-friendly background music as the food is being delivered to guests.

Ps: this is a great opportunity to have your DJ / MC provide a fun way of organizing how the food will be brought out to encourage interaction amongst your guests at their tables to create memories that will last.

Finding the right Wedding DJ / MC is essential to having a great reception. Hire the wrong one and it can ruin your whole day. Such an important decision should be made carefully.

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