3 Things a Steinbach Wedding Couple Found, Helped Them Have a Memorable Wedding Experience.

Bride and groom dancing at wedding
Nicole and Zach Dancing at their Wedding Reception (Moore Photography)

Nicole & Zach met in Ottawa, they later moved to Steinbach where they got married on June 30, 2018. Their journey with us started 18 months earlier in January of 2017.

For wedding planning, Nicole wanted to (1) book all their wedding services early and (2) make it a fun & memorable party. She liked being organized and didn’t want to miss out on getting the right services for their big day. Thanks to her we had the pleasure of working with a great Photographer, Videographer , Caterer, and a Venue that worked together seamlessly. In the past Nicole & her fiancé Zach had been to awkward boring weddings where no-one danced and guests left early. They knew bad weddings shouldn’t happen and so they decided that their wedding was going to be a fun, stress-free and memorable experience.

Here are the 3 tips this Bride & Groom found to help make their wedding an unforgettable experience:

#1 - Find someone who understands your needs.

As Nicole searched, asked friends and thought back to the best weddings she had been to she found us, Summer Bounce Entertainment. She had seen the DJ/MC services at two of her friends weddings. In our discovery meeting she told us:

She wanted everything booked early.

She needed to feel organized.

They both wanted a fun party.

Zach was worried about people not dancing (He felt mad seeing an empty dance floor).

They wanted everyone to feel involved. 

We have seen many other couples with similar challenges, especially her friends that we previously helped. One planned her wedding from two provinces away and the other was busy building a custom home while planning their wedding. We were eager to help.

#2 - Find someone that is helpful & has the resources to help you!

Nicole was able to get this from us:

Monthly wedding planning tips & checklists.

A professional DJ & MC to keep the evening flowing.

Multiple meetings over the months leading up to the wedding to ensure communication was always open.

Help in creating fun personalized games to get their guests involved and know them better as a couple.

Timelines created for the reception and how things were to flow.

Comfort knowing that everyone on the wedding team was connected and had a copy of the timeline. 

This left Zach and Nicole able to get involved in their own wedding instead of trying to run it.

#3 - Find someone who can help you create a truly Personalized Wedding.

Nicole & Zach loved the idea of personalizing their wedding so their guests would remember it. Nicole (with our help) created a father & daughter photo journey/song combo that gave the guests a chance to see her and her dad’s strong bond through the years while they danced.

Zach created (with our help) a mother & son dance that made the manliest men in the room cry.

Personalized & unique touches were woven into the fabric of their wedding, right from a ceremony that was officiated by a bridesmaid, (yes, bridesmaid) to the laugh out loud introductions, to the engaging games, to the tear jerking speeches, to the incredibly energetic dance party, to their amazing sparkler send off.

If you’re like Nicole & Zach and you want a wedding that’s fun & memorable then start looking for a professional who can (1) understand your needs (2) has the resources to help you and (3) able to help you to personalize it. Request a phone call today and lets talk about your wedding.

Don’t get stuck with an amateur who will make your wedding boring, awkward or embarrassing. Don’t have “that” wedding!

You deserve to have a wedding that’s fun, where everyone is engaged in the party so you and your fiancé feel like celebrities for the day. When you work with us you will go from feeling stressed & lost to being involved in your own wedding and watching it come together.

The amazing team of Wedding Professions, Nicole & Zach had included Curtis from Moore photography, Rob from 111 Films, Craig from Urban Prairie Cuisine, and Elizabeth from The Rustic Wedding Barn.

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