3 things Engaged Couples forget about When planning their Wedding Day: Part 3

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Interactive DJ /MC keeps guests involved in the wedding day so they're not bored
Interactive DJ /MC keeps guests involved in the wedding day so they're not bored

And Part 3. The Timeline - keeping wedding guests involved. “If they aren’t involved they will be bored”

If you’ve ever been to, or heard someone complain about a boring wedding it was because they never felt involved. It’s the bride & groom's responsibility to put an MC in charge. The Master of Ceremonies responsibility is keeping the timeline smooth and the guests involved. If this doesn’t happen, you can expect bored faces and guests checking their watches for the least awkward time to dip out.

So how will you keep your guests involved? Here are a few key times where you need to keep your guests attention and a few ideas of how to get you started.

Post Ceremony

Right after the wedding ceremony is over most guests are unsure of what comes next. It’s important to have your officiant/minister mention 3 things:

1. What’s about to happen.

2. What are the guests invited to do.

3.When is the next major thing going to happen.

All together and it should sound like this:

“Ok everyone, the bride & groom will be going off to take photos and videos around the venue, they’ll be back soon to get the immediate family to join them. In the meantime we have the bar/ cocktail area open for you to get some refreshments and the games area for you to have some fun. The reception area will be open at 5:00 p.m. to prepare for dinner. Enjoy the drinks & games and we’ll see you at 5:00 p.m.”

If you have the DJ / MC providing the music, microphones and speakers for everyone to hear at the ceremony, have them continue to play upbeat, fun music in the designated area for your guests to hangout in. This lets the guests know that they should stick around and allows you to keep their attention. Here are a few examples you’re welcome to use.

Lawn games, Giant Checkers, Giant Chess, Giant Jenga, Nerf targets, Ladder Golf, Croquet. If you want to have some active fun try hosting a scavenger hunt, if the venue has space, e.g. Rustic Wedding Barn, Mennonite Heritage Village, Evergreen Village to name a few in the Steinbach and south east of Winnipeg area.


It isn’t an easy task to do a bride & groom’s grand entrance while no-one is paying attention, guests are busy bustling about or just deep in conversation. A professional MC can smoothly involve everyone and get a room to a quiet state without the use of force. This is a key time to get everyone on board with what they can expect the evening to be, what kind of involvement is expected from them and how the bride and groom envisioned the reception.

Getting the guests on board is the easiest way to get a fun wedding started. A few examples of how to get them involved, a.k.a get the room quiet, include but aren’t limited to the following:

1. Explaining the kissing game in detail, rules punishment and all so everyone is interested in playing.

2. Explain how dinner will be served and if they’re required to give input as it may “affect” how soon or late they eat.

3. Introducing the kids! everyone loves when a little cutie gets the spotlight.

4. Wedding party roast introductions! Want to break the ice, get some laughter going and really have a stand out first impression? A professional DJ / MC that is experienced in this area can help!


Trying to get everyone in their seats isn’t as easy as saying “Everyone sit down please!”.

However, having an activity and an MC who can really engage and pull them in will have guests quietly and quickly grabbing their seats while shushing their table mates because no one wants to miss out on a fun event.

Examples of how to gain your guests attention could include:

A short snippet of your love story told by a masterful story teller. If you are sports fans and there is a game going on, maybe an update of the score (only if you care to keep the guests informed) or razzing of a rival team fan. A quick mention of out of town guests with informative tid bits versus just a name, e.g. instead of saying “cousin Jim from Steinbach” try this, “cousin Jim comes from a place that has more churches per square miles than any other place in the world, home to a giant over sized car mascot that states its “Always worth the trip to Steinbach!”

There are many, MANY other places you can get the guests involved and an Interactive DJ / MC can help you to see them all.

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