3 things Engaged Couples forget about When planning their Wedding Day: Part 2

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Interactive DJ / MC at wedding reception keeping things smooth
Interactive DJ / MC at wedding reception keeping things smooth

The Timeline - "WHO" will keep it smooth. You need a dedicated individual whose sole purpose is to keep things moving and create a fun experience.

If you read pt 1 of the 3 part series “The Timeline - How will it flow” then you understand that

“WHO” will keep it smooth is just as important.

The individual you choose needs to be able to do behind the scenes tasks, be skilled in keeping the guests involved, while simultaneously keeping the timeline running ALL NIGHT.

It's the ability to be both, the Day of Coordinator as well as the MC.

Your options are either a friend or family member who may have MC’d a wedding in the Winnipeg or Steinbach area or a professional Master Of Ceremonies, someone who is trained and skilled in the area of keeping guests involved while keeping a party running smoothly. Want to know what a professional DJ / MC looks like?

Regardless of which option you choose this individual needs to be able to take care of what happens behind the scenes and the guests experiences. What are the behind the scene tasks?

Understanding Wedding Professionals:

The MC is one who needs to understand each wedding professionals’ role and the importance of it so that they can be flexible and create a timeline that gives everyone a chance to do their jobs, especially if items need to be switched around due to unexpected changes. MC’s or wedding professional’s that are inflexible can be the start of possible issues that should be resolved BEFORE the wedding day.

Communicating with Wedding Professionals:

The MC is responsible for communication with the other professionals before the wedding to introduce themselves, share the timeline and be ready to make adjustments if those professionals are in need of more time. The wedding day is not the day for first time introductions between the MC and the other professionals such as your photographer/videographer, cater, etc. When the MC isn’t familiar with how a wedding should go they can really “Block” a professional from doing their work and making your wedding day the way you want it.

Coordinating with Wedding Professionals:

The MC is the individual on the wedding day that needs to always be ahead of the curve and be coordinating with each professional behind the scenes, for example connect with the caterer - discuss food serving times, how many tables get served, dessert serving times, any food that is time or temperature sensitive (e.g. ice cream or poutine) dietary restrictions (gluten, dairy or nut allergies).

What are the experiences to create for the guests? The MC needs to be able to create or adapt games to fit the bride & grooms personalities through out the entire wedding. Read part 3 of our blog tomorrow titled

The Timeline - How to ensure your guests will be involved throughout your Wedding Day. “If they aren’t involved they will be bored”

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