3 things Engaged Couples forget about when planning their Wedding Day: Part 1

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

3 things engaged couples forget about their wedding day
3 things engaged couples forget about their wedding day

Part 1: The Timeline & How will it flow:

While most couples are busy planning the finer details of the wedding i.e “Who will be our DJ / MC? What photography package are we booking? 99 out of 100 times when a couple is doing the planning themselves they forget about “HOW" the day of the wedding day will flow. A question couples should have in mind is “How will it all come together when we’re behind the head table and unable to run about to keep things moving smoothly and in order?"

Most Winnipeg & Steinbach area couples just assume that everything on their wedding day will fall into place, but the truth is it won’t. You need a plan, you need a good understanding of the plan and then you need to have someone you can trust to keep every aspect of your wedding day flowing smoothly. So, who is this individual? They are someone who is experienced in keeping guests involved throughout the day so that they don’t get bored, someone who is familiar and experienced with guiding others, someone who is comfortable on a mic, and someone who is familiar with the ins and outs of a wedding timeline. You can have a friend or family member who may have done it once before or you can have a Professional MC (Master of Ceremonies) who does this for a living.

Here’s what you need to do. Decide. Decide all the essential things that need to happen during the wedding and what it will look like if they happen properly and understand what it will look like if they don’t. If you don’t know where to start then sign up for a workshop that teaches you how to understand and plan the day of the wedding timeline. There are many key moments in a wedding that need to be planned e.g introductions, speeches, kissing games, dinner activity, special dances or cake cutting.

For a smooth introduction to happen here’s an example of what we need:

a) Photographers/ Videographer need to finish capturing what they need.

b) DJ / MC connects with photographer/ videographer to inform of the path they’ll be taking to ensure the best photos/videos get taken.

c) DJ / MC connects with the caterer to confirm ETA before plates are ON the table (No one should eat cold food)

d) DJ / MC connects with the person saying grace or blessing so they know their cues (What happens right before they come up)

e) Wedding party knows when & where to meet to do a run-through with the DJ / MC to know the path of entry to the head table.

f) DJ / MC connects with the bartender to inform of when to shut down bar for introductions from MC (It’s only a few minutes, the guests can wait)

g) DJ / MC invites guests to take their seats (10 min prior to introductions), yes it takes that long for them to stop talking, get back from the restroom, finish their cigarettes, get their drinks.

h) DJ / MC has after introduction activity ready & prepped

i) Dinner/ Buffet Game/ Activity ready to be explained to involve all guests

j) Music for introduction tested & cued by DJ and communicated to the MC (They must have good synergy)

k) MC has confirmed that DJ, Photographer/ Videographer, Cater, Wedding Party and guests are good to go! (Check, check and check!)

l) Introductions begin with “Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen and welcome to….

Sounds complicated? not really, Yet it is essential to a smooth introduction that starts on time, keeps the guests involved and makes room for FUN! and this is exactly what a professional DJ / MC does.

Be sure to read part 2 of “The Timeline - WHO will keep it running smooth”

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