3 Questions You Should Ask Before You Book Your Wedding DJ.

3 Questions You Should Ask Before You Book Your Wedding DJ.
3 Questions You Should Ask Before You Book Your Wedding DJ.

What if you hire the wrong DJ and its too late to do anything about it?

Presentation is EVERYTHING! What your DJ looks like presents a visual image to your family and guests of what you want to put forward. Here are some key points about presentation when you are looking to hire a DJ for your wedding:

1.Professional: What does a professional DJ look like?

They should look like they belong. The DJ / MC is one of the very few wedding professional your guests are going to be interacting with, so you want to ensure that this individual has the skills, knowledge and ability to provide answers to and to interact in a way that makes your guests feel important and makes you look like a celebrity. How do you ensure this is the case with your DJ / MC? Request a photograph of what the DJ will look like on the day of your event. What they wear should be presentable, wearing a T-shirt that has a provocative picture or writing under a dressy unbuttoned suit jacket my not be the image you want to have at your wedding. Note, a rule of thumb is that the DJ / MC dresses up as much or more than the guests attending the wedding.

2. Appropriateness: How appropriate will your DJ come across to the guests?

This is important, especially if you are concerned about how things will be perceived by family members and friends. It’s important to think about what the DJ / MC will say, what jokes they will try to tell, what verbiage will they use. Remember, they are representing you and your vision. There are many questions to have in mind when considering how your DJ / MC will sound and feel during your wedding. Here are some questions to ask yourself and the DJ:

How do they act now?

How will they act at the wedding?

Are they approachable or are they rude?

How do they respond to people, drunk (intoxicated) people?

3. Clean, Neat &Tidy Set-up: What will the DJ and their setup look like?

Your DJ / MC should look polished, be wearing clean clothes, neat shaven, hair in place and look put together. You and your guests will be in contact with the DJ / MC throughout your day, the DJ needs to be someone whom everyone feels comfortable approaching. It’s not just their look you should be looking for, its what their set up looks like as well. How safe is it when there are wires everywhere? Your guests shouldn’t be tripping over wires in order to come up and ask questions or make a song request.

How they look is only one question you should be asking, there are a couple more important questions and pieces of information you should have in mind and be going over with your DJ/MC before locking them down!

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