3 Mistakes Couples Make When Hiring A DJ / MC For Their Wedding.

Bride frustrated about her DJ choice
3 mistakes couples make when hiring a DJ / MC for their wedding

What QUESTIONS will uncover the truth?

Not knowing how the DJ / MC should represent YOU on the day, or not knowing that the day of your Wedding they will be the only wedding professional that your guests will be able to interact with can be costly: Choose wisely! Here are a couple of questions to think about and mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding day.

Mistake #1 Not Knowing who Sets the Vibe of the wedding?

A DJ / MC sets the mood at the wedding reception. How?! Think about how you feel when you go to a club, a shopping mall, restaurant, corporate party or even another wedding - what is the one commonality that they all have? Music! How its played, when its played and what is played will help create the atmosphere. Then, for events think about who guides and directs the crowd? How does the DJ / MC do it? Who is the DJ/ MC? By having a meeting with your DJ / MC prior to your wedding you will be able to plan, you’ll be able to go over these key details, because they are the ones you are hiring to represent you and your spouse..

Mistake #2 Not planning out who is on the Mic?

What your MC sounds like and what they present are both very important things to consider. Are they following a script,? Do they sound nervous? Or are they able to talk freely? Are they knowledgable in what they are speaking about? Do they have the ability to create the feel you want? These are things that should be in the forefront when you are thinking of hiring a DJ/MC for your wedding day.

Mistake #3 Not understanding who your guests look to for guidance?

This is key! On your wedding day you will be preparing, greeting, taking photos, dining and taking in all that you have planned for, most times from behind the head table, but how do your guests know what’s coming next? or hows dinner going to happen? or whether there’s a kissing game? Many couples forget to plan for who will direct their guests. Your DJ / MC is the one person who is in constant communication with your guests, so who better suited for the role than them?

Professional DJ’s & MC’s can anticipate your questions, answer them and give you more to think about. To find out more Click on the link below to download the “How to find the perfect Wedding DJ / MC!”

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