2 Ways To Spot An Organized DJ and Why You Should Care.

Wedding DJ / MC organized
Wedding DJ / MC organized

Being organized brings your wedding vision to life.

They key to creating a great wedding is to hire wedding professionals who will bring your vision to life. In addition to your time & money you’re making an emotional investment and the DJ / MC you hire needs to be organized so they can help you.

Being organized takes 2 forms:

(A) Conducting themselves in an organized fashion and (B) Having a neat and organized appearance. Let’s take a look at what they are, what to look for and why.

What does having a neat and organized appearance look like?

The DJ / MC should be well dressed, looking like a guest or slightly better as they will be the point of reference at your wedding. The appearance of the equipment should look clean, neat & tidy. Cords should be in appropriate placement and taped down to the ground, for safety reasons. The equipment should look like it belongs at a wedding.

How does a DJ / MC conduct themselves in an organized fashion?

A professional DJ / MC should be able to demonstrate that they have thought about their methods of delivering a service, in this case the ability to create a memorable experience for their brides and grooms. They should know the nuances of weddings, timelines and how they flow, this comes with experience.

The DJ / MC should be flexible and ready for unexpected problems e.g. Caterer needing more time or being late. Or, knowing that after the ceremony guests are usually left to fend for themselves so a good DJ / MC will prepare for this and work to avoid the possible downfalls of having nothing planned in these times.

It takes more than just owning or renting a sound system and playing music.

An organized DJ / MC has a plan, they know how to help with creating structure for a wedding reception. They have experience in developing timelines, coming up with activities and games to get your wedding guests interacting and having a great time together. The DJ / MC gets the guests involved, entertains the guests and keeps your day moving in a smooth and organized fashion.

Now that you know that, searching for a DJ / MC that is organized is important to your Winnipeg or Steinbach Wedding.

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