5 Secrets to a wedding that makes you look &  feel like a  celebrity.

Couple dancing in lights at their wedding

1. Have a professional Master of Ceremonies

- To lead the evening


You must have a spokesperson who will speak on your behalf. You may be able to get by with a close friend or family member that knows you well, but being a Master of Ceremonies (MC) is a 2 part job.


Half the time they’re on the microphone leading the guest and directing the attention, half of the time they’re behind the scenes preparing the team, connecting with the other professionals and ensuring that everything works together to achieve the goal. 


But all the time they’re guiding & directing the flow of the event so none is left behind.


A professional Master of Ceremonies is the person who keeps the entire party, beginning to end, on the same rhythm. This person is trained in things such as event planning, stage management, improv, comedy, microphone technique, storytelling and event direction. 


You can always tell when a professional Master of Ceremonies is present because they look, feel and sound very natural, leaving the the guests to think they’re family.



2. Have 1 - 2 creative and original ideas

  • - creates a massive dance circle


You must always give everyone a chance to be involved. Create a game or activity that everyone can part take in if they choose and have your Master of Ceremonies explain why it’s “So You”. Guest will enjoy being a part of something original and it will help make your event memorable.

A few examples that we’ve come up with our couples include: 


A phone-in buffet line: At a recent wedding, the Master of Ceremonies explained that the couple enjoyed playing radio phone-in contests and they wanted to be original by bringing that into their reception. Guests would “phone-in” to the MC and if they were caller #3 their table got invited to the buffet line. To add to the fun, the audio for the calls were played over the sound system. 


Dance to the buffet line: At a local wedding, our couple wanted to get their guests in the dancing mood early and shared their vision of the party that would follow.


They replaced table numbers with song names and the guests knew it was their turn to the buffet line when the DJ played the song on their table. Everyone was researching their songs to make sure they could recognize it and when they did, they jumped to their feet, screamed and dance to the buffet line.


To create your own original game you need 3 important things:

  1. What’s the idea/theme/importance of the game? (e.g. Tom & Mary love rock paper scissors & use it to settle all their major “discussions” or “disagreements”)

  2. Decide how your guests get to play. (e.g. Tables will be chosen at random to compete to see who wins their place in the buffet line.)

  3. What happens if they are successful and what happens if they lose? (e.g. If you win, you go to the buffet immediately. If you lose, you wait until the winners are up before you get to go.)



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