How to find the Perfect DJ / MC

Couple dancing at their wedding

1. Create your vision first

- research your style first


What kinds of styles are there?

  • The Traditional Reception (Upbeat, energetic)


  • The Cocktail Reception (Low key, chill and relax)

  • The Dinner Wedding Reception (Formal, scripted and proper.)

Personalized and structured.

* With the right help you can have a little bit of everything*


Finding the right DJ/MC is essential to having a great wedding reception. Hire the wrong one and it can ruin your whole day. Such an important decision should be made carefully..

2. Searching for the right FIT

  • - the search can be fun


Find examples of what the DJ can do (videos, blogs, social media)

  • A great DJ should have a presence on social media and search engines.


Ask Your Venue

  • Venues will have experience that you may or may not have read about.

  • They will gush over the great DJ’s and they will be very tight lipped about the ones that are not so good. Check these “Possible questions to ask a venue about DJ”

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